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Trying to recover a judgment in California can be tough. And when it is time to collect a judgment, you want an expert that knows judgment recovery like the back of their hand on your team. has collected tens of millions of dollars for our clients since 2009 and not once collected upfront fees. We only get paid when we recover a judgment, not before; we are the judgment recovery specialists you've been looking for.

It is a common misnomer that once you receive a court judgment, the award money will be waiting. Unfortunately, not many things are further from the truth. Keep in mind, the courts are not a collection agency. The award that is granted by the court as a result of a lawsuit is just that, an award. It is up to you and the methods you choose to collect a judgment and whether it is ultimately recovered. Working with an expert judgment enforcement company increases the chances of fulfilling your award.

The Secret to Collecting On California Judgments

If you have finally gotten to the end of your legal road and been awarded a judgment by the court, you can expect to get your money right away, right? Not necessarily. The truth is that although you might have what you can consider a legal "grip" onto an award, you do not have money yet. Not by a long shot. And unfortunately, the way the system works, you might never get it. This is where our expertise in judgment enforcement & recovery can help. We are the experienced lawyer in your corner that you need.

Unlike "collection agencies" - who are great for small claims - we focus on large claims and are prepared for the long-haul. We fight stubborn judgment debtors, in court, in order to take their valuable assets from them involuntarily - convince them that reaching a settlement is in their own best interest. With experts on your side, your judgment collection time will be short.

Top Notch Judgment Recovery Specialists

With you will not pay any upfront fees, ever. In fact, we only receive compensation when we successfully collect your judgment. It is as simple as that: we only get paid when you do, guaranteed!

  • We are the only judgment enforcement company that employs an attorney to personally oversee every case and prosecute every action. Our legal team stays close to each case to ensure your judgment recovery is quick and goes as smooth as possible. We spare no expense making sure your judgment is handled legally and professionally.
  • Our enforcement team is extremely well-funded. It is very expensive to enforce a judgment. Costs such as investigation, court fees, court reporter fees, attorney fees, etc. can really add up. The question to a prospective assignor is: Can your judgment enforcement company afford a long, protracted fight? We can!
  • The proven track record speaks for itself. We are a well established judgment recovery company that has collected millions of dollars on behalf of our clients. We do whatever it takes to make sure you get the judgment you were awarded.
  • We are professional attorneys not bill collectors. We are NOT a collection agency. We fight stubborn judgment debtors, in court, in order to get you what you deserve.
  • We can collect on bankrupt debtors when others can not. Our specialized bankruptcy attorneys focus on every case where the debtor files for bankruptcy. That is why we have collected hundreds of thousands of dollars from bankruptcy debtors who thought they could escape their reach by filing bankruptcy.
  • We enforce judgments in all 50 states. So if the person who owes you money (called the "debtor") moves to another state, we will track them down. We make sure you get the judgment you have won.

You want to know everything about your debtor's assets. As a recent Forbes article mentioned, "What judgment creditors do not know about, cannot be taken", it is important that you work with the best judgment recovery team available. The team that makes it their business to get your money.

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