About California Judgments Collections

California Judgment Collections Services is a trusted judgment enforcement agency that specializes in the recovery of major court-ordered settlements exceeding $25,000. The company works exhaustively for clients on a contingency basis and is paid only when settlements are collected.

Qualified attorneys employ robust software and investigation techniques to pinpoint where debtors hide their assets. Comprehensive searches involve public and Secretary of State records, real estate property transfers, professional licensing records, and post office address forwarding requests. California Judgments Collections Services will also investigate local business license filings, professional records and licenses, and UCC and State Board of Equalization files.

Expanded asset investigations are also conducted to track down immediate family members or spouses, the debtor's business records, and assets or income earned across state lines. Bank records may be subpoenaed to unveil all income sources along with the chain of title on all past real estate holdings. Hundreds of clients have collected settlements as a result of the company's in-depth investigations into asset listings in legal filings and bankruptcy court schedules.

California Judgments Collections Services excels where many others fall short, with a lengthy and proven track record for success, top notch legal expertise, and relentless dedication. A qualified attorney personally oversees each case and prosecutes every action, with funding in place to pay client court costs, attorney's fees, and other related expenses even in the event of long and arduous legal processes. Trust the company that tackles and wins the toughest cases – from decade-old cold cases to debtors with limited assets following Chapter 7 Bankruptcy.

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