Enforce Judgments Against Property outside California

Often, a debtor may attempt to shield his/her assets by hiding them outside of California. Other than a judgment for child or spousal support, a final money judgment rendered by a California court cannot be enforced against a debtor's income or assets located in another state without first obtaining a judgment in that jurisdiction. This is done by "domesticating" the California judgment in the sister state jurisdiction (generally in a manner similar to the way in which sister state judgments are domesticated in California). Over the years, we have built up a solid and reliable network of attorneys nationwide that regularly assist us with litigation and domestication in other states.

Even without domesticating the California judgment, the California court can still validly order the debtor to apply his/her out-of-state property or income to satisfy an unpaid judgment. This is done via writ of execution (for example, to reach securities in the possession of a secured party), turnover order (for example, after examination), assignment order (for example, to obtain all or part of a stream of payments due the debtor from a third party), charging order (for example, against the debtor's interest in a partnership or limited liability company), or a creditor's suit (for example, against a third party who possesses or controls property in which the debtor has an interest).

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